Online Video Therapy

We offer HIPAA compliant online video therapy! We use Psychology Today as our platform for virtual sessions. 

Please click on the link below that corresponds with your therapist:

Dr. Michelle Abella:

William Wilson:

Amanda Bargallo:

Sarah Okun:

Kristin Dunn:

Steps for checking into your Online Video Session:

Login to your account using the link above.

  1. Click on the corresponding link for your therapist.
  2. Put your name in and Click 'Join Session' to enter the virtual waiting room where we will meet for the session.
  3. Your computer may show a message asking to allow the program to access your microphone and camera.

Are You Ready For Online Therapy?

  1. Do you have a laptop, desktop PC or Mac which is 3 years old or newer?
    Older devices may struggle to run the program properly.
  2. Is your space equipped with a modern internet connection that is reliable?
    Connecting directly to your router using an Ethernet cable for wired internet is recommended though wireless networks can work fine as well.
  3. Have you downloaded Chrome or Firefox to your computer to use as your internet browser?
    Standard browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Safari on a Mac may encounter compatibility issues with the video software as those browsers are not as up to date with modern code.
  4. Do you have access to a working webcam?
    Most modern laptops have built in webcams which will work great for online therapy! If you have a desktop PC or Mac you may need to purchase and set up an external webcam.
  5. Are you comfortable navigating computer software?
    The online portal is easy to navigate and does not require any training to use. However, those who find computers to be confusing or frustrating in general may not be a good fit for online therapy.

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